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Thank you for visiting this page on Southminster’s website. I am glad that you are here. There’s a good chance that you have come to this page because someone (perhaps a person you don’t even know) gave you a little pocket cross of wood. You were given that cross because for some reason, you need it. You need the assurance that God is with you in whatever trials you are facing in life at this time. I want to assure you that this is true.

Our lives on this side of eternity are often filled with trials and heartache. Even Jesus said to his disciples, “In this world you will have trouble.” But in that same verse Jesus adds, “But I will give you my peace.” This is my prayer for you today as you read these words:  that you would know the peace of Christ. Even when your world seems like it has been turned upside down and you wonder whether God is there at all, the good news of Scripture is that God never leaves us and will not forsake us.

I know there have been times in my life where I have looked at the challenges around me and wondered where God could possibly be in the midst of all this. Yet I have found that the Lord meets me in the challenges and helps me through them. So if you come to this page in a similar situation, I encourage you to stop reading and start praying. Let God know how you are feeling. Let God know what you need. And then be still and let God’s loving presence fill your heart.

If you feel alone as you go through these challenges, I invite you to reach out to us here at Southminster Presbyterian Church. We would love to walk with you through the valleys that life often gives us. Feel free to email a pastor, call the church office, or just stop by. In this world we have troubles, but we don’t have to endure them alone. May you find encouragement through connecting with God in this time and through the community of fellow travelers as you walk your valley.

May you sense God’s presence,

In Christ,

David Carlton

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