Sunday Adult Education

What questions do you wrestle with in your faith? How can you deepen your relationship with God? This is a time when adults of all ages gather together to learn, share, and grow in their faith, learning more about the Bible and how to better live their life following Jesus. A variety of different series compose the year. Series are often based on books, but reading the books is optional. For current info about this Sunday’s class contact .

Adult Education via Zoom

May Adult Ed Series

Stories of Authentic Women in the Bible

We can learn a lot from other people, especially if they have faced difficult times and / or decisions similar to events in our own lives. During the month of May, we will be looking into the lives of several women found in the Bible. Women who made mistakes, but persevered and found answers and direction from their connection to God. These stories are not fairytales…they talk about life as it like it is, with all the flaws that most people would attempt to hide.

Please join us for video presentation and discussion on Wednesdays at 7pm on zoom, starting May 4th. Hopefully, as we hear these stories, we can learn from their experiences about how to tackle the challenging problems each of us face from time to time.

Study guides are optional, but may be purchased from Amazon or  We will be selecting the four women from the “Twelve More Women of the Bible” Study Guide.

  • May   4th – Ruth: Staying Focused in World of Distractions – Janine Milner, facilitator ~ Click Here for Video Recording
  • May 11th – No Class
  • May 18th – The Bent Women: We’ve Got God’s Complete Attention – Bill Bauza, facilitator ~ Click Here for recording
  • May 25th – Esther: Letting God Be in Control – Bob Erickson, facilitator
  • June 1st –  Priscilla:  Living a Life of Blessed Ordinary – Mary Kay Walsh, facilitator

Click Here for Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 870 0734 4857

Passcode: 980679

If you are using your phone or i-pad, you may need this phone number: 1 312 626 6799

If you have trouble signing in, please call Bob Erickson at 847-297-8360.

Past Adult Ed Series Video Recordings

Seven Words Lenten Series

While Jesus was on the cross, He still had things to tell us. His last words were meant to reveal His deepest love for us, His fullest humanity and His surest trust in the Father. As we prepare for Easter during Lent, join us as we study these last words.  Susan Robb, a Senior Associate Minister at Highland Park United Methodist Church, in Dallas, Texas, looks at these “Seven Words” through a lens that finds hope and life in these final sayings. Explore with us from a biblical and historical perspective how these words bring a hopeful and contemplative take on the cross.

March 9th     – “Father, Forgive Them” ~  Dennis Rich ~ Click Here for Video Recording
March 16th   – “Today, You Will Be with Me in Paradise” ~  Bob Erickson ~ Click Here for Video Recording
March 23rd   –  “My God, My God” ~  Bill Bauza ~ Click Here for Video Recording
March 30th   –  “Woman, Here is Your Son” ~ Janine Milner ~ Click Here for Video Recording
April 6th        –  “I Am Thirsty” ~ Dennis Rich ~ Click Here for Video Recording
April 13th      –  “Into Your Hands” “It is Finished” ~ Thomas Morrow ~ Click Here for Video Recording

The Parables of Jesus DVD Bible Study Edited by Matt Williams

Jesus communicated spiritual truths through simple engaging stories from everyday life.  Enjoy a guided tour through the places Jesus walked.  Learning about the historical and cultural background will deepen our understanding of the parables.  This is a visually stunning DVD series and taught by four different Biblical teachers.
Feb 2nd  –    Two Debtors (Luke 7:36-50) – Bob Erickson
                      Click Here for Video Recording
Feb 9th   –    The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11–32) – Thomas Morrow
                      Click Here for Video Recording
Feb 16th –    The Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22: 1-14) – Dennis Rich
                      Click Here for the Video Recording
Feb 23rd –    Weeds, Mustard Seed, Yeast (Matt. 13:24–33) – Bill Bauza
                      Click Here for Part A and Part B of Video Recording

Mission Month in January

January 9 – Maria Zeller Brauer Director of Development will talk about The Shelter – an organization that provides community based, emergency and longer-term housing for children and adolescents who are abused, neglected, dependent or in need of supervision. Click Here for a video recording of this zoom.

January 16 – The mission team will talk about the Southminster mission organizations and activities. Click Here for a video recording of this zoom.

January 23 – Char Shuman will talk about her trips to Guatemala with Faith In Practice. Click Here for a video recording of this zoom.

January 30 – Delece Williams will tell us about Kidz Korna – a organization to help youth fight violence and abuse.  Click Here for a video recording of this zoom.

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