We’re glad you’re here and would love to welcome you in person on Sunday at 9:00 or 11:00!

Come connect, grow and serve! If you like details read below and you’ll have a good snapshot of this community. Otherwise please bounce around the web site or email Associate Pastor Liz Nickerson, liz@spcah.org who would love to answer any questions you have.

Southminster At-a-Glance

  • We’re a church in the Scarsdale Community of Arlington Heights, a mile or so from downtown AH and next to Dryden Elementary School, in the ‘burbs of Chicago.
  • We’re a church of 300+ members, so we’re small enough where you can be known and missed, but large enough to have a diversity of programs and opportunities.
  • One of the most frequent comments we get from visitors is that we are very friendly, comfortable, and inspiring.
  • We have a staff of 2 pastors – Interim Pastor David Carlton and Associate Pastor Liz Nickerson. Then there are other directors of children’s and music programs, and support staff.
  • We’re Presbyterian by denomination (PCUSA) and we appreciate our heritage and traditions (and that keeps us grounded and reasonable people), but we are not so tied to our denomination to be stuck in the past or stodgy – we like to keep things current and relevant, and focused on Jesus.
  • We have a diversity of opinions on things of the church and of faith and so there is room to think; but the staff and the leadership are kingdom-focused and want to build disciples of Christ.
  • We like small groups a lot.  It’s one thing to be in a worship service and hear a message and sing songs; but it’s another thing to sit and talk and be known, and to verbalize who you are and what you think.
  • We have two worship services on Sunday of about the same size – a 9am Traditional (hymns, robes, choir, liturgy) and an 11am Contemporary (casual dress, praise songs, children’s time, etc.).  We get along together quite well as a church, despite our different styles.
  • We have a preschool-type program called PDO that runs Tues-Fri, 9am-1pm, year-round, for 1-5 year olds. It keeps the vibe around here fun and bustling during the day!
  • We know a lot of people face challenges out there so we have a Counseling Center with counselors who meet with members and non-members privately and, as needed, on a sliding-scale financially.
  • We govern ourselves with representative democracy (which is where we Presbyterians get our name) where representatives (called elders) are elected from the congregation to make decisions together (called the Council).
  • We’re pretty well-rounded in the sense of having a lot of different teams, none of which dominate our focus, vision, or conversations. Each team has many members (but you don’t have to be a church-member to participate), and each team has elders who represent them. Teams include:
  • Children’s (nursery through 5th grade – Sunday School and many events year-round)
  • ChurchLife (events, membership, outreach)
  • Discipling (spiritual formation of adults, small groups)
  • Deacons (special needs and crisis help)
  • Mission (both local opportunities and giving to broader-reaching organizations; both evangelism and service valued)
  • Nominating (helping the church to equip itself with leaders)
  • Personnel
  • Property
  • Stewardship and Finance
  • Worship (both traditional and contemporary represented)
  • Youth (6th-12th grade – Sunday School and many events year-round)

So, in all we think we have a pretty good thing going. Places to be involved, places to grow, a good variety of opportunities. Places for all ages both separately in specialized programs and together in intergenerational events. A vision to connect, grow, and serve, and enthusiasm to run with that.

Check us out on our Facebook page for more and current things going on.

We hope to see you soon, contact us if you have any questions at all! Peace of the Lord Jesus to you today and always!